Jarvis inspired KLM

Am găsit zilele astea la Manafu și Bogdana Butnar următorul spot despre noul serviciu KLM:

Mie, una, mi se pare că această campanie e, pas cu pas, punerea în practică a sfaturilor lui Jarvis din What Would Google Do?

Jarvis scria așa:

And I wondered, what if passengers on a plane were networked? What if a flight became a social experience with its own economy?
Start here: Most of us are connected to the internet on the ground. Soon, we’ll be connected in the air as planes, like hotels, fi nally get wireless access (after earlier failed attempts). Wi- fi is good for airlines because they will have something new to charge us for and because it will keep passengers busy and perhaps less likely to grumble and revolt at delays(though we might just blog and Twitter every problem and indignity as it occurs). Once connected with the internet, passengers could connect with each other. It would be easy for the airlines — or passengers themselves — to set up chats and social networks around flights and destinations so we could ho ok up before and during a flight. We could organize to share cab rides once we land, saving each other money.(…)So imagine if in our onboard, online social network, we could find people we want to meet—colleagues going to the same conference, travelers with shared interests, future husbands and wives—and we could rendezvous in the lounge. Th e fl ight becomes a social experience.

E de urmărit ce alte industrii vor căpăta chipul proiectat de Jarvis – vă recomand cartea, e revelatoare în anumite aspecte:)


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